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Why the minerals and vitamins in CAA-Multi are low-priced health insurance

By David Coory

Our top selling product by far has always been our multi-mineral-vitamin supplement CAA-Multi.

How CAA-Multi began and was greatly improved

CAA-Multi was inspired by a powder formulation of a 100-year-old Australian farmer Percy Weston. I’ve greatly improved and refined the CAA-Multi formula over many years of nutrition study, especially in the compiling of NZ’s top selling health book ‘Stay Healthy by supplying what’s lacking in your diet’.

Hundreds of CAA-Multi testimonials

CAA-Multi is an extremely effective multi mineral and vitamin supplement. We’ve received hundreds of testimonials over the years from our Health House customers. This is because CAA-Multi has now supplied their bodies with minerals or vitamins they had been lacking.

Full nutrition provides health benefits to all areas of our body

As you can see from the accompanying human body chart, there are all manner of benefits from supplying our body with the nutrients it was designed to need.

Most of our NZ foods are lacking in important minerals. I see this plainly as I updated the editions of my Stay Healthy book using NZ Food and Crop research figures. The trend is continually downward for many important minerals, as soils steadily become exhausted.

Lacking diet minerals supplied

The most important minerals we lack are magnesium, zinc, iodine, boron, selenium, silica, chromium and copper. Vitamin B12 is also deficient in huge numbers of New Zealanders, most often due to poor digestion. Poor digestion can also be due to lack of vitamin B5 in our diet, B5 is found in CAA-Multi.

CAA-Multi well priced for a high quality effective multi

CAA-Multi is well priced for the quality it provides and is formulated especially for New Zealanders and Australians. There are cheaper multis available, but they are often lacking in important ingredients or use inferior types of vitamins and minerals.CAA-Multi is manufactured right here in Tauranga in our own pharmaceutical grade factory.

Our Health House motto is ‘Health products that work’. We never skimp on the quality and effectiveness of our ingredients, even when the ingredient cost is many times higher than less effective ingredients.

We highly recommended our Triple Pack

Many of us are limited in what we can spend on our health. However, if you can afford it, we do strongly recommend our Optimum Health Triple Pack for complete nutrition. The Triple Pack includes two other products besides CAA-Multi, COQ10 - Omega 3 fish oil and Bone Health.

CoQ10-Omega3 supplies you with the Coenzyme Q10 and Omega 3 fats that your mind, heart and gums require.

Bone Health supplies you with the calcium and magnesium your bones require for good density. It also includes the vitally important vitamin K2 and vitamin D for proper absorption of both minerals, and to keep the calcium in your bones, not in your arteries.

Good nutrition is low-priced health insurance

I firmly believe that money spent on good nutrition more than pays for itself in life-long health. For good health bestows us with a clear mind and full energy, and allows us to work efficiently year after year and maintain an active lifestyle and career.

The Optimum Health Triple Pack currently works out as low as $15 a week, and CAA-Multi as low as $5 a week, both are couriered free to your door. True low-priced health insurance. Medical health insurance for a 50-year-old in NZ is around $50-100 a week.

Satisfying for us to serve you

We as your Health House team, enjoy serving you. It’s very satisfying to provide high quality, NZ-made supplements that improve the health of our customers.