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Vitamin B Complex

Energy boost and stress relief.
Energy boost and stress relief.

60 Capsules NZ$39.00ea
Morning With or without food

Take one capsule per day in the morning with food.

Taking at night may keep you awake. Vitamin B2 may cause urine to turn yellow, this is normal.

Always read the label and use only as directed.

B vitamins are water soluble so your body does not retain them in your fat stores like minerals and other vitamins. So although you might get more than enough B vitamins one day you might be low the next day, depending on your diet.

When your body is stressed or working hard (or over working) it uses a greater amount of B vitamins. Alcohol, sugar and caffeine also deplete the B vitamins from your body.

All B vitamins are sensitive to heat, light, processing, milling, preservatives and cooking. These processes, so common in the manufacturing and preparation of our modern western foods, means less of these essential vitamins are available than if consuming whole, fresh, raw food.

When do I need a B vitamin top up?

  • In times of stress or tension

  • When feeling low in energy

  • When needing extra energy especially for sports

  • When overworked or doing heavy physical labour

As with all vitamins, ideally we should get them from a healthy balanced diet. That can be difficult these days even with the best of intentions. If a person’s diet is lacking in B vitamins, or they are simply unsure if they are consuming enough, then usually a good multivitamin like CAA will top up B vitamin levels.

CAA provides 50% of your recommended daily B vitamin needs (with the other 50% coming from the average NZ diet). BUT there are times when the recommended daily intake might not be enough or there is a benefit from a higher intake of B vitamins.

  • Assists with emotional well being  
  • Beneficial during times of stress  
  • Feeling of well being  
  • Increases energy  

This product helps with

What's in each capsule Weight Active
Vitamin B1 100mg 100mg
Vitamin B2 25mg 25mg
Vitamin B3 100mg 100mg
Vitamin B5 100mg 100mg
Vitamin B6 150mg 150mg
Vitamin B9 300mcg 300mcg
Vitamin B12 50mcg 50mcg
Vitamin C 300mg 300mg