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Which product should I choose for menopause support?

By Nadia McMorran

There are a number of natural treatments such as herbs, nutritional therapy and acupuncture that can support menopausal balance and comfort and make for a smoother transition to the next stage of life, without the serious side effects that can come with other treatments.


Maca is a Peruvian herb that is well known for its adaptogenic properties (meaning, it can help the body adapt to stress, both physically and emotionally). It is also known to support fertility, sex drive and boost energy and stamina in both sexes.


Harmony contains the same strong maca ingredient as found in Maca-X, however it also contains the herb shatavari, as well as boron and vitamin D. Shatavari can provide support for vaginal dryness, temperature balance and sleep, promote a healthy libido, manage stress and encourage good digestion. Vitamin D and boron are important additions that work together to promote healthy bones.

Potion No.9

Potion No.9 also contains maca, as well as horny goat weed, damiana, tribulus, zinc and selenium.

This product has been formulated particularly to support a healthy libido (in woman as well as men) as well as supporting hormonal balance.


This product supports a peaceful relaxing sleep and will soothe your worries, help you to stay calm and may help other related symptoms.