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Support your hormonal balance naturally.
Support your hormonal balance naturally.

60 Capsules NZ$38.00ea
Anytime With or without food

Take one or two capsules per day for maintenance. Take three or four capsules per day in times of need.

Always read the label and use only as directed.

If pregnant, not recommended during first trimester.

A translation of the name of the ancient Indian herb Shatavari is 'she who possesses a hundred husbands.' and another is the 'queen of herbs.' This special herb is found in our new product especially for woman, called Harmony.

There are certain times in a woman's life when she needs extra support. We have specially designed Harmony by combining shatavari with maca extract, boron and vitamin D to give support during these special times.

This herbal and mineral combination supports hormonal balance making it an excellent supplement during menopause. Shatavari specifically helps avoid temperature imbalance. In a study more than 80% of participants reported positive effects including support for better sleep and normal temperature.

Boron is an especially important mineral during this time, being an all natural alternative to support hormone balance. Many people are looking for natural support as an alternative to conventional medicines.

Not only is Harmony good for support during menopause, it also helps promote libido and supports optimal sexual desire, making it an excellent supplement when trying to conceive. It balances the pH levels in the vagina and assists with lubrication of the membrane lining, along with promoting libido.

Both boron and vitamin D are important for fetus development and healthier babies. During pregnancy Shatavari prepares the mother's body for production of breast milk and after childbirth maintains normal quality and quantity of breast milk. After childbirth and also during menopause, sadness can be a common occurrence. Both maca and vitamin D help with emotional well being and reduced worry.


  • Assists with emotional well being  
  • Promotes libido and female reproductive health  
  • Support for hormone balance  
  • Support for PMS and menopause  

This product helps with

What's in each capsule Weight Active
Maca extract (4:1) 450mg 1800mg
Shatavari extract (10:1) 250mg 2500mg
Boron 20mg 1mg
Vitamin D (200IU) 2mg 5mcg
I was at my wits end after 3 weeks of distressing discomfort and an array of issues when I saw your Health House pamphlet advertising Harmony. I was speaking to my husband at the time and he encouraged me to enquire about it. Lorna answered the phone and what a wonderful person to have on the other end. By the time I had finished I was already feeling better as she shared her experience with me, which was so similar to my own. She was able to tell me what the Harmony had done for her. She also advised me to go on to the Probiotic 9. I was already on probiotics and she explained the benefits of the 9 live bacteria (as opposed to the 3 in mine). The picture in your ad is exactly how I have lived for over a decade. A month out from starting these two supplements I am so much better I can't believe it. I started with 3 Harmony a day and the symptoms have hugely reduced, plus taking the Probiotic 9 and I no longer hold my tummy. Maybe this can be of help to someone else out there. I appreciate the ethics of Health House and will be getting my supplements from there now. I agree 100% with what Mike Coory said in his bulletin "We won't compromise our product quality or integrity". A big thank you to Lorna who was such a help to me and so delightful to talk to. I feel as though she cared and will forever appreciate the time she gave to me.
Teresa, Gisborne

Since taking 2 x Magnesium a day and one Harmony a day I feel so much happier and my head and neck tension has just about disappeared. If I do get tension it is far less severe. I wish I started these products 20 years ago! My family love the new me! Thanks
Angie, Tauranga