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Updating the Stay Healthy Book

By David Coory

I’m at present working on updating the previous 2016 10th edition of my "Stay Healthy  by supplying what's lacking in your diet” book to the new 11th edition.

Hopefully this new book will be ready soon as I’m working on the last few chapters as you read this.

I’m enjoying and greatly stimulated by this work, despite the constant hurry ups and not so subtle comments about missed deadlines and current stock levels, sorry Mike.

As the last few copies of the 10th edition fly out the door, we might temporarily be out of stock of this important book, but it needs to be done properly. My goal is to ensure that this remains New Zealand’s top selling health book and contains the latest and most current nutritional information.

11 new chapters
As well as updating the existing Stay Healthy book chapters where possible, I’m also adding 11 new chapters, each of which needed considerable research. Originally I had only allowed a few days to finalise each chapter, but it’s taking more than a week for each one.

The new chapters are – choline, excitotoxins, fluoride, gluten, gut bacteria (probiotics), herbs, lithium, mercury, silica, silver and vanadium.

My new natural healing book coming next year
I have been studying nutrition over the past 35 years and whenever I come across health facts I feel are important, I save them into a computer file under a relevant health heading. This file has recently expanded to an enormous 797 health categories, but it’s proving invaluable in my present updates and also for a new book I’m writing with the working title of “Avoiding and reversing health disorders.”

The reason for the new book is to stop the 11th edition of "Stay Healthy by supplying what's lacking in your diet", that I am currently updating, from becoming too bloated with all the new chapters and other important information from my research.

So I’m restricting the Stay Healthy book to just nutrition this time (as originally intended) and transferring the chapters from the previous edition on how to Avoid Cancer, Heart attack/Stroke, Alzheimer's, etc. to the new book.

How to avoid or reverse common disorders
The new book “Avoiding and reversing health disorders” will also include many new chapters on how to avoid or reverse other common disorders such as diabetes, macular degeneration, digestive problems, depression, sexual and reproduction disorders, sleep problems, memory problems, viruses and other common health problems.

 We hear much now about using drugs, operations and vaccinations to treat symptoms of health problems, but little about the avoidable causes of these disorders and how to reverse them naturally. The natural or diet alternatives are in most instances much lower cost.

So please bear with us if we run out of the 10th edition of the Stay Healthy book as we focus on getting the 11th edition ready for print and I’ll endeavour to get the new book finished as soon as possible.