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Stay Healthy Book

11th edition of the Stay Healthy book- now better than ever.
11th edition of the Stay Healthy book- now better than ever.

Paperback | 420 pages. NZ$31.00ea

Updated in 2021, this new 11th edition of New Zealand's most popular and easy to understand health book, Stay Healthy by supplying what's lacking in your diet (over 93,000 copies sold) is packed full of priceless health information and now with international measurements.

Enjoy optimum health from your diet

This book shows you how to dramatically improve your health by making small but critical changes to your diet. When you supply your body with the correct balance of minerals, vitamins and fats, you will enjoy a clearer mind, sharper memory, sound heart, efficient immune system, clear arteries, healthy bones, loads of energy, a worry free outlook on life and refreshing sleep.

You can say goodbye to, or avoid altogether, many embarrassing and misery causing health problems. These are healed by optimum nutrition - just small but important changes to your diet. Your body is able to heal them naturally from within, or prevent them ever occurring. Often all you require are the important minerals like boron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and iodine which are lacking in soils or lost in the processing of our food. Farmers know the dramatic difference diet minerals make to the health of animals and the same principals apply to us.

How to avoid major health problems

The book is easy to read, has large print and very informative health hints. There are over 70 sections covering nutrients including all common minerals, vitamins and medicinal plants. There is information on each one, the role it plays in your body, the effects of having too much or not enough, the recommended intake levels and a table of food sources rich in that nutrient.

  • Find out which minerals or vitamins are lacking in your diet  
  • Find out what those additive numbers mean  
  • Easy to read  
  • NZ's best selling health book  
  • Prevent or heal diet related problems  

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I find your book  the best Health Book I have ever purchased.
Barr, Richmond

It's the first time anything I have been interested in and purchased has exceeded the advertised expectations. The book is absolutely wonderful, it will take its place amongst the array of medical texts in my bookcase.
Geoff, Lower Hutt
I loved the book so much I am going to purchase more for Christmas presents.
Helen, Auckland