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How can we keep our brain and memory sharp as we age

By David Coory

As I near age 70 my thoughts turn more and more to preserving my brain power, especially my memory and clarity of reasoning. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

You might remember some months back during my experiment of not taking any supplements (see July-Aug 2014 catalogue Health Hint) I was rattled after two weeks when I found my brain and memory weren’t working as well as before. I thought at the time, “My mind feels like an old, slow computer

I thought this might be due to me not taking my daily DHEA 7-Keto capsule, so after just one month I recommenced taking DHEA and began to come right again. I believe that CoQ10-Omega3 also made a further improvement to my brain and memory when I began taking all supplements again after two months.

Because of this alarming experience, I’ve been studying the research of Dr Eric Braverman MD who has been doing advanced research and experimenting on retaining brain speed and memory in old age for the last 39 years.

Four key hormones for brain health

Dr Braverman says there are four key nutrients for brain health – Dopamine (for alertness), Acetylcholine (for memory retention and thinking speed), Gaba (for memory recall and calmness) and Serotonin (for sound sleep and restoration).

All four need to be kept in balance if we are to retain a sharp, clear brain in old age. These hormone-like nutrients are manufactured by enzymes and bacterial (probiotic) action in our body. My memory can be slow to recall names and I would love to do so instantly. This common problem can indicate a lack of Acetylcholine or Gaba, or just poor sleep.

Our brain need not age

Dr Braverman maintains that our brain is the one organ in the body not programmed to age. As long as our brain is nourished properly, especially with the four key hormones above, and exercised, it can renew its neurons and cells indefinitely. He writes “Today 50% of all Americans between the ages of 80 and 85 are demented” but claims most of this could be reversed and maintains “You can keep your brain as young as a 30-year-olds’ for the rest of your life.”

Brain nutrients recommended by Dr Braverman

He is a believer in natural remedies and recommends DHEA to increase Dopamine production in the body, 5-HTP to increase Serotonin, and Omega 3, Carnitine, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Selenium, Chromium, Folic Acid and Vitamin D to increase Acetylcholine and Gaba.

Eventually I would like to develop a supplement that can ensure the balance of all four key brain nutrients and enhance memory ability. So I’ve begun trials (on myself at this early stage) using some of his many recommendations which include compounds, spices and herbs, some of which are in our Relax product formula.

You can create new brain cells as you age

Dr Braverman writes “Physical exercise and mental sharpening are linked” and encourages regular exercise, especially active competitive sports such as table tennis, which trains our brain to think faster. He recommends CoQ10 for increased energy.

He also encourages a daily brain workout such as learning a new language, playing Sudoku, or computer games that involve mental skill. These create new brain cells and neurons as we get older

I’ll keep you informed over the coming year regarding my brain and memory discoveries and experiments. Meanwhile I’m grateful for the proven benefits I get with DHEA 7-Keto, CoQ10-Omega3 and CAA-Multi.