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Facts on the Factory

By Health House

We have been fielding a lot of questions lately about some specific ingredients so we thought this would be an opportunity to explain about a few things to do with manufacturing. We make nutraceuticals and in New Zealand these are regulated by the Dietary Supplement Regulations 1986. These regulations set the maximum levels allowed in NZ and are different from the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) which are not set by law.


Vitamin D

We use vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) sourced from a Swiss company. The regulations limit vitamin D3 to no more than 25 micrograms (1000 International Units or IUs). Too much vitamin D (over 10,000 IUs) can cause negative effects. The RDI is around 200-600IUs per day. Vitamin D3 can be found in CAA, Coral CAA, Healthy Joints and Bone Health. If we made a capsule that just contained vitamin D it  would be around 99% empty.


We use two forms of zinc, zinc ascorbate sourced from the USA and zinc citrate sourced from China. The regulations limit zinc to no more than 15 milligrams. The RDI is from 5mg to 14mg. Too much zinc (over 200mg) can cause negative side effects.

Zinc can be found in Boron & Selenium, CAA, Coral CAA, Men’s Boost, Immune Support and other products. Again making a capsule that just contained zinc would be nearly empty or full of filler.


Quercetin is a bioflavonoid and contained in the Complete C Powder and our Complete C Tablets and a smaller dose in our Turn Back Time capsules. There is no limit in the regulations regarding quercetin, there is also no RDI, and limited safety information. Doses over 1000mg of quercetin may cause negative side effects.

Vitamin B12

We use the natural form of vitamin B12 – Methylcobalamin sourced from India. The regulations limit B12 to no more than 50 micrograms. The RDI is from 250mcg to 500mcg. There are generally no side effects from too much vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 can be found in CAA,
Coral CAA, Vitamin B Complex and Liver Cleanse. Vitamin B12 by itself in a capsule would be around 99.995% empty.