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Should I take Probiotics?
Should I take Probiotics?

Paperback | 82 pages NZ$19.00ea

What are the health benefits from taking probiotics?

Probiotics are live micro-organisms that, when ingested in adequate amounts, produce a therapeutic or preventive health benefit.

The first commercially available probiotic product was released in 1935 and now millions of people around the world take a probiotic supplement each day.

Research into the health benefits of probiotics is one of the fasting growing areas of medical research.

There have been dozens of medical research studies completed over the last few decades and there are currently around 700 ongoing studies at various stages. Studies are looking at whether probiotics can help gastro-intestinal problems, promote weight loss or even stop you getting as many colds.

This easy to read and understand book tells you what probiotics are and shows you what to look for when choosing a product. It also tells you what all the research means in terms of health benefits for you. After reading this book, you will be able to make an informed choice on whether you should take probiotics.

Should I take... Probiotics? is written by Dr. Shaun Holt. Dr. Shaun Holt has Pharmacy and Medicine degrees, has been the Principal Investigator in over 50 clinical trials and has over 160 publications in the medical literature. He lectures at the Victoria University of Wellington, is on the editorial board of two complementary medicine journals and has previously written six books on health topics.

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