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Alert Plus

Natural support to help focus and mental clarity.
Natural support to help focus and mental clarity.

60 Capsules NZ$59.00ea
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Anytime With food

Take one or two capsule daily with food

Always read the label and use only as directed.

*If taking Warfarin or any other blood thinning medication please discuss this with your health professional.

“Lion’s Mane Mushroom” is a traditional Chinese mushroom which grows on fallen hardwood trees and looks like the mane of a lion. By taking this high strength (20%) Lion's Mane Mushroom extract combined with the traditional benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng extracts, you will notice support for your mind in both alertness and clarity. These ingredients have also been found to support a wide range of other health conditions. Alert Plus supports general wellbeing, mood balance and restful sleep. All three ingredients contain powerful antioxidants and work together to have a relaxing and calming effect on the body. Taken regularly, Alert Plus provides the added benefit of supporting good digestion, strength and general wellbeing.

  • A clear mind  
  • An alert quick brain  
  • Anti-ageing  
  • Brain alertness and clarity  
  • Emotional well being  
  • Feeling of well being  
  • High in antioxidants  
  • Immune system support  
  • Reduces stress and worry  
  • Retains your mental focus  
  • Sharpen your memory  
  • Gluten Free  

This product helps with

What's in each capsule Weight Active
Lions Mane Mushroom Extract 20:1400mg 800mg
Ginkgo Bilboa Extract 50:1120mg 600mg
Siberian Ginseng Extract 4:1100mg400mg