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CoQ10 the secret to more energy, a clearer mind and better skin

By David Coory

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) or CoQ10 as it is commonly known, is a natural, orange coloured, youth hormone-type substance made by our body.

It is responsible for creating nearly all the energy in our muscles, especially our heart muscles, and to keep our brain and memory operating clearly.

It is also a potent antioxidant to extend the life of our body tissues, maintain healthy gums and youthful skin ‘bounce’ to prevent sagging as we age.

Like most youth hormones (DHEA is similar) CoQ10 production by our liver begins to drop off after age 30. This is one of the reasons we age, with symptoms of reduced vigour, shrinking muscles, sagging skin and less mental alertness.

When our CoQ10 levels drop to about 75% of youthful levels, health problems begin to appear, especially gum disease, heart disease, low energy, and aging skin. When our CoQ10 levels further drop to only about 25% of youthful levels, serious disease and mental deterioration is inevitable.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs (Statins) can hasten this aging, as they immediately reduce the liver’s manufacture of CoQ10 by an average of 46%.

CoQ10 now able to be made by fermentation of plants

Fortunately in 1974 Japanese researchers learned how to create CoQ10 from plant oils, using a fermentation process. As a result CoQ10 supplementation became a runaway success in Japan. Nowadays over 15 million Japanese take CoQ10 daily. This is believed to explain their superior longevity.

CoQ10 which is normally made as a dry powder, is known to be absorbed better when dietary fats are present, so it best taken dissolved in a plant or fish oil. A cheaper synthetic form of CoQ10 was eventually developed, but the fermented form has been found to work far better in human exercycle tests.

Dramatic improved fitness without exercise

A dramatic improvement in fitness was found in older sedentary test volunteers by Dr E. G. Bliznakov. He gave them 60 mg of CoQ10 for 8 weeks. Dr E. G. Bliznakov writes, “In this short time their hearts were able to display an increase in oxygen utilization and their maximal exercise loads improved dramatically. This improvement was achieved without additional exercise of any type.”

Reduced skin wrinkles and firmer tissue

Recent German studies have also found, that when applied topically to the skin with long term use, CoQ10 lessens skin wrinkles, especially crow’s feet around the eyes.

Another study in Italy on laboratory rats found that CoQ10 regenerated aged skin cells when applied topically to the skin.

As more and more research discovers that CoQ10 preserves collagen and elastin in our skin cells and can actually reverse skin damage, skin-care cream manufacturers are adding CoQ10 as an ingredient.

However there can be only limited effects in treating skin from the outside, CoQ10 also needs to be taken internally. I myself, at age 64 have noticed in recent years, a marked reduction in wrinkles around my own eyes since taking a capsule containing 50mg a day of fermented CoQ10 dissolved in fish oil.

50mg appears to be a good maintenance dose, but many users say they thrive on 100mg or more a day.

CoQ10 very safe

CoQ10 appears to be a very safe natural product. I have not heard of any ill effects reported, even in high doses. Nor does taking CoQ10 appear to hinder our liver from making it normally. However if you are taking a blood medication, you should consult your doctor before taking CoQ10 as the medication may become too powerful, or be no longer needed.