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Wise words from Dr Ulric still valid today

By Health House

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and felt it came at the right time for me as it may for you.  We are all living in quite frightening times with so much unrest all over the world.  Ulric’s words spread some hope and wonderful beliefs that many of us forget under stress. 

Ulric said: “The world is a beautiful place.  If you don’t see it that way you are looking at it upside down” - “Anything you say with belief and conviction will come true”. He was a great believer in positive thought - He said “You are what you think.  You become what you think. To be healthy you must think in the right way.  You have to think healthy.  You don’t look for wrong things to happen, you expect right things to happen.  Thoughts have a way of attracting to you what you think about”. Wow, don’t we all need reminding of this.

Ulric Williams was born on May 22nd 1890, the third son and fourth child of Reverend and Mrs Williams. He studied at Cambridge and Edinburgh universities and then practised medicine in Wanganui as an obstetrician and surgeon.  Ulric had concerns with his religious beliefs because he found it difficult to understand the loving kindness of the Creator when there was so much suffering.  He came to the conclusion that as sickness could not be sent by a Creator, it must be the result of human folly and ignorance in the use of natural resources.  Over the next few years he completed a detailed study of natural foods, soil health, diet and over-eating and the effect of our mental state on body health.  His practice then took a big change as he was appalled that so many patients after surgery did not restore to good health.  He resolved to do no more surgery and stressed the value of unrefined foods, fresh fruit, raw salads and conservative cooking of others i.e. steaming vegetables.  He believed that excess chemical pesticides and fertilisers were endangering human health.  The words “You are what you eat “may not have come from Ulric but he certainly believed it and shared it with all his patients.

There are many pearls of wisdom in this book.  I have always been astounded, that for many to restore wellness, it is often what they need to stop, rather than what they need to add.  Ulric explains it well - “You don’t have to do anything to get better, all you need is to stop doing what is wrong.  If you really want to know what that is, your divine intelligence will tell you. Your body has a healing power that will heal you when you stop making yourself sick”.

What a special clever man, sadly the medical profession knocked and ridiculed him and his beliefs.  You have to question has much changed when our government deemed naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists as non-essential through the lockdown.  Quite horrifying when you see and hear about all the stress because of changed circumstances.   Natural remedies are of course the support that could lessen the likelihood of needing anti-depressants down the track.  Our government has a lot to learn about healing and wellness.

If you need an emotional pick up, or some needed learning, read this book.  It will reinforce to you that we do make our own path, and we need to choose which path to follow if we want to experience wellness.  Share your loving smile and it will be returned.  Ulric was a wise and honourable man with knowledge that one day the medical profession will have to see.