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Dr Ulric Williams book

The famous NZ surgeon (who became a Naturopath).
The famous NZ surgeon (who became a Naturopath).

Paperback | 96 pages. NZ$18.00ea

We highly recommend the interesting book New Zealand's Greatest Doctor, Ulric Williams of Wanganui - a Surgeon who became a Naturopath. A highly useful, readable and interesting book about one of New Zealand's greatest doctors, Dr Ulric Williams.

His Background

Dr Ulric Williams of Wanganui was a Surgeon and GP who practised from the 1920s to the 1960s, he was born 22 May 1890 at Putiki near Wanganui. He was a tall (6'2") reserved man, good looking and a very good athlete. He had an exceptional mind and trained as a doctor in the UK at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. Early in his career, Dr Ulric Williams had the reputation of being a 'playboy doctor' more interested in sports, golf, women and booze than his patients.

His Epiphany

He returned to New Zealand and operated a general practice and while working as a surgeon at the Wanganui Hospital, he became dissatisfied with surgery as means of treatment. One night, after Dr Williams had pushed through his last patient for the day, he heard a voice speak to him and say, "Are you not ashamed of yourself?"

He believed the voice to be from God and it became a turning point. He said, "I never became a real doctor until I forgot 95% of what I was taught at Edinburgh." His new treatment methods used no drugs or surgery.

'Terminally ill' patients

Dr Williams' patients were chronically ill with Cancer, Arthritis, TB and Heart Disease. This book talks about them being either completely healed or greatly improved.

This book reveals his simple methods and was written by Brenda Sampson of Wellington, who states she was healed by him of serious arthritis as a young woman.

  • Easy to read  
  • Reveals Dr Ulric's simple methods of healing patients  
  • Useful and interesting  

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