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Weight loss

By Denise Elliot

Sadly it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are however a number of natural remedies that can support our attempts to drop a few pounds.

Ideally you would combine some natural health support, with the right attitude and an increase in regular exercise. It is now believed that it does not have to be hours and hours but most importantly that it is regular. Of course make sure you have an ample water intake (6-8 glasses daily).

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit that has helped many with weight loss. It provides hydroxycitric acid that when taken before a meal may help weight control by helping you feel less hungry. Complement that with protein with each meal and extra fibre. This can be either in your diet or by supplementation and weight loss may be more achievable for many.

Fibre is one of the best kept weight loss secrets. It not only helps you feel satisfied after a meal, it is vitally important for healthy bowel function and lessening the risk of diabetes. Choose natural fibres other than just wheat products, for example Barley Grass and Spirulina.

If the body is in an acidic state (i.e. your pH is low) then weight loss will be difficult. Barley grass is a wonderfully alkalinizing super-food. Spirulina has the advantage of providing substantial protein which is easily assimilated into the body.

These green foods also support the liver and the optimum function of this major internal organ is vital for weight loss.

Good Luck!