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Probiotic chapter review

By Nadia McMorran

I was excited to learn that David was writing a new edition of his Stay Healthy book, especially because this edition contains so much extra information compared to previous editions. 

One of the chapters that is completely new (rather than updated from previous editions) is a chapter that discusses probiotics in depth.

The chapter is very easy to read and understand, and provides in depth information that covers aspects such as the types of food we can get probiotics from, how our gut flora affects our overall health, the differences between prebiotics, probiotics and antibiotics, types of probiotics and what other factors can affect our gut health.

In this chapter there is a detailed table providing information on all the different families and strains of human bacteria, including both the ones that are helpful to our health and those that are harmful to our health. It goes into detail providing information such as how different strains protect or harm
us and where they may be found.

David also covers a long list of health conditions that are exacerbated by poor gut health and would benefit from beneficial probiotics, even discussing how food allergies may develop as a result of antibiotic use. The chapter goes into detail with a simple explanation about how our gut flora affects our digestive health and how this can result in malnutrition, low energy and poor immunity.

There is an explanation of how to effectively take probiotics as well as a list and explanation of the primary chemicals that are dangerous to our probiotic bacteria and gut health such as artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, glyphosate and chlorine.

I was surprised regarding some of David’s comments around coeliac disease, as to my education and knowledge it is a genetic autoimmune condition that can be managed but not cured. I will keep an eye on the latest research, however, and look forward to finding out more information about these findings.

I haven’t been lucky enough to read the whole book yet (sadly I’ll have to wait for publication like everyone else!) however, the few chapters I have read I have found are very easy to follow, understand and they are written in such a way that all the information makes sense. David has a knack for breaking down some very complex scientific topics and explaining them in such a way that it no longer seems like complicated jargon, making any steps you take towards improving your own health simple.

I hope you enjoy this new edition of the Stay Healthy book, it’s a fantastic reference book to keep around to help you stay on track and keep you and your family healthy.