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Migraines and headaches

By Denise Elliot

This debilitating condition affects women more than men and over 50% of patients have a family history.

Migraines are divided into many categories and more than one hypothesis as to their cause.

Vascular migraines often present with throbbing and pounding sharp pain.

Non vascular headaches like tension headaches are often caused by tightening of the facial muscles or neck/scalp muscles, often as a result of stress or poor posture.

Relaxation of the muscles can often offer prompt relief. If experiencing migraines from increased tension, the mineral of choice would be magnesium. It is vital for the function of the nervous system and muscular activity, including relaxation.

Magnesium is easily depleted by eating refined foods, excess alcohol, stress, and hyperthyroidism. Physical and emotional stress also depletes magnesium and both acute and chronic stress are associated with increased incidence of migraines.

For some identifying the problematic food in your diet is a saviour – a clue – we are commonly addicted to the foods that are our allergies – is there a food in your diet that could be the cause of your migraines?

Seek out appropriate health care where needed. If medication is necessary please investigate the types on offer. 70% of patients with chronic daily headaches suffer from drug-induced headaches1. In the early 1980’s it became apparent that headache medications could increase the tendency to experience chronic headaches. Some reports identify increased intensity and frequency for heavy analgesic (painkillers) users. So buyer beware is appropriate, but obviously medications may have a place for some.

1Textbook of Natural Medicine – Joseph Pizzorno and Michael Murray