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How to stop the weight creep without exercise

By David Coory

Because I have a 'sit down' job, I've tried many methods to control my weight but this 'Meal Skip' method has proved by far the easiest way to do it. I'm not talking about major weight loss, covered in my 'Stay Healthy' book, but normal 'weight creep.'

Firstly, here are some interesting facts we should know about fat gain:

When we eat fast digesting foods – sugars, sweet drinks, juices, bread, rice, cereals, biscuits, etc, their food energy as glucose quickly enters our blood supply. If we don’t immediately use this flood of energy, it is speedily withdrawn from our blood by insulin and converted to fat. This is to protect our brain from blood sugar levels rising dangerously high and causing a diabetic coma.

The fat is stored around our body in the usual familiar places as energy storage for future use or a future famine, which usually never comes. Every kilogram of body fat is 9000 calories of stored energy.

This storage of our surplus glucose as fat, happens more often in the evenings following our evening meal. This is because our daily energy needs have normally already been met by breakfast and lunch. Also during the evenings we have only small energy requirements. We use hardly any muscle and brain energy as we sit watching TV in a warm room, or lie asleep in bed.

We could get up and exercise for an hour by walking briskly. This will burn off about 300 calories, or about the amount of calories in one slice of iced cake, or three cans of beer, or a small bar of chocolate. 300 calories is not even 1% of a kilogram.

However, if we skip two evening meals and go to bed early (so that we don’t feel hungry), we will save about 1000 calories and at the same time burn off approx a further 700 calories by maintaining our body heat and other functions.

So here’s the best way to skip two evening meals. First psyche yourself up the day before. Then for the next two days, eat a medium size, nutritious breakfast and lunch. Include some protein. Do not over eat during these two meals, nor eat during the afternoon. Drinking water is fine anytime.

Then skip your evening meal entirely for two days and go to bed early. You will generally feel pleasantly sleepy and relaxed. This also allows your body time to bring itself into better nutritional balance, catch up on your sleep, and shed excess fluid. (Calorie restriction is a scientifically proven method of extending life for all mammals.)

By doing this for two days you should normally drop your weight half a kilo or more, allowing for fluid losses.

Instead of going to bed early you could have a low calorie meal replacement drink to keep your appetite at bay. This will add minimal calories and you could easily burn these off with the extra activity before bed.

It is important not to over eat each following day. But this is normally not a problem as the stomach appears to shrink slightly over the two nights and satiety seems to be achieved sooner.