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How Colloidal Silver keeps my cooked veggies fresh

By David Coory

Because I like healthy, natural food, I do most of my own cooking and baking at home. Every so often I brew up a large batch of veggies in our steam pressure cooker. This tasty (at least to me) concoction typically includes beans (haricot, chick peas or pinto), broccoli, onions, kumara, potato, carrots, pumpkin, and sometimes sweet corn. I store it in a large porcelain dish in the fridge and at lunchtime each day I scoop out a plateful and warm it up – really satisfying food.

In the past, after several days there would often be a mild whiff of fermentation (probably from the beans and onions) but this would vanish after heating. So it didn’t bother me and I saw it as evidence of possibly healthy probiotics being developed. However, if my charming but outspoken wife Marie, with her acute sense of smell, came into the kitchen, she would be horrified and tell me to throw it all away or I would suffer food poisoning or worse. Of course I never did and seem to thrive on this mix, but this same scene would often repeat itself.

Then earlier this year, I had a brainwave. I began spraying Colloidal Silver (from one of our Health House blue spray bottles) over the top of the veggies in the porcelain dish each day after I had scooped out my regular plateful. It worked a treat – far better than even I thought it would. There has been no more fermentation smell ever since, and no more complaints from my wife.

There are so many uses for Colloidal Silver, but I never thought a more harmonious marriage would be one.

Pain-Eze relief

Speaking of my wife Marie, recently while she was doing some gardening, she lifted a heavy pot plant and hurt her lower back. She could barely move without crying out. The discomfort was intense for two days and she stayed mostly in bed. However, she likes to be up and about. Then she remembered how our Health House Pain-Eze helped her elbow a year or so ago. So she found it, and although it was at the end of its shelf life, after applying it she was much happier.

I'm not fond of the potent fragrance of Pain-Eze in our bedroom at night (Marie likes it) so I was looking forward to her getting our latest formula.

Our ingredient supplier sent us some Indian Wintergreen but our Quality Manager and our Herbalist noticed it was a bit different. So we tested it and found an added toxic synthetic colour, so we had to throw away the entire batch. We then went searching and got a new organic Australian supplier and the product is even better than before.

I found that not only was the smell far less obtrusive (about a 65% reduction) but Marie informed me that it works even better than the old formula.

Why Health House Colloidal Silver is the highest possible quality

Coming back to Colloidal Silver for a minute – we produce our Colloidal Silver in our modern Tauranga factory. When building our new factory a few years ago, we wanted to produce the best possible Colloidal Silver. To do this we knew we’d need to follow the most recent, proven, scientific principles. So we hired a skilled NZ electrical engineer (the designer of the world’s top selling hydroponics meter). It quickly became apparent to him, that to obtain the highest levels of true Colloidal Silver (rather than the less effective ionic silver) required much time and care – it had to be done very slowly. So he spent over a year researching, designing and building us better and better state of the art Colloidal Silver generators.

As a result, it now takes us over 20 hours to make a single batch of silver, not just minutes like the mass produced industrial generators used by other Colloidal Silver manufacturers. Those machines rush the process by adding salt or other catalysts or using high electrical current. We also only use pure distilled water and 99.9% pure silver (the highest purity of silver available) and no additives whatsoever.

When our new ultra-slow generator was installed, samples of Colloidal Silver were sent to be tested at a specialist USA laboratory. Using an electron microscope and laser defractor, the silver particles were examined for their size and levels. We were thrilled to learn that we had attained a 55% higher level of genuine Colloidal Silver than our previous silver, which we sent for testing at the same time.