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Happy, healthy holidays

By Nadia McMorran

It’s that time of year where Christmas gatherings, beach holidays and relaxing days in the sun mean that your usually doing a lot outside your normal routine.

Something about the long days in the sunshine can lead to a change in you’re eating habits and in what you drink, but don’t let that make you anxious or feel guilty.

Ultimately, this is a time of year to enjoy yourself with family and friends, not worry about your food intake.

Make sure you’re still getting a variety of nutrients – I recommend starting your day with a nutrient rich breakfast in order to set yourself up well for the day ahead such as a smoothie with added nuts and seeds, an omelette with lots of added vegetables and then if the rest of your food choices aren’t as nourishing throughout the day, you don’t have to feel any guilt knowing that you’ve had at least one wholesome meal to start you off well and keep your organs happy! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and have an enjoyable, guilt free holiday season.