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Five naturopatic choices

By Denise Elliot


If you don’t like it, please find a compromise. Clear fluids such as herbal teas can be counted as water, maybe add lemon juice, or even cold green tea, which is fairly palatable. Don’t make it too strong if it puts you off. In my naturopathic clinic we could recommend all the pills and potions in the world, however without an adequate intake of water, the body will struggle to maintain a high level of wellness. Water is vital for the liver to detoxify correctly and to generate optimum energy. So “I’m tired all the time” could easily be inadequate water intake. Just imagine how hard the earth gets without water, now imagine your body hardening. The list of what water supports is endless. Learn to love it.

Omega 3

Like water, what doesn’t this special oil do? A quality fish oil with good levels of EPA and DHA can offer a natural anti-inflammatory action. This action supports many body systems because so many health concerns start with inflammation.

The added bonus is skin health, arterial health, heart health and fingers crossed it may help keep dementia at bay, because omega 3 is a major for anything neurological. We have a very fatty brain, so if someone calls you a ‘fat-head’ just say thank you. Always take with a cold drink and food.


Many health concerns start when the body is too acidic. To help alleviate this, a bit of lemon juice in water in the morning is a great way to start the day. There are so many other ways to use lemons too. From using the zest in dressings or in cooking, using the juice to freshen the fridge, to keep cut vegetables and fruit fresh or even to whiten your clothes.


With a smoothie it is so easy to get a huge nutrient boost in a glass, which can support energy and wellness. Lecithin granules are a wonderful addition for those that are not so keen on smoothies. It makes any smoothie taste quite creamy and more palatable, with the added bonus of helping emulsify fats, so it’s a great addition for cardiovascular health. The list is endless as to what can be added, from greens, to seeds. Seek advice from your local health food store for the best tailor made additions for you. A great start to the day.

Vitamin C

One would think that with all these wonderful smoothies that no more vitamin C is required. However, as it is a nutrient that is not stored in the body, we must replenish it daily as it is easily lost through stress and worry.

Without vitamin C we cannot make collagen correctly. Collagen is the primary protein involved in connective tissue. Skin, arteries, veins, bones, joints - they are all involved with differing connective tissue, so to age gracefully, vitamin C is a good choice. A large dose at once may be lost through the urine, so 1000mg is best seen as a maximum for one dose ie. 1000mg morning and night will be far more supportive than 2000mg with breakfast. Do not take high levels of vitamin C if on the contraceptive pill.

Basic naturopathic care is also based around ‘Whole food, fresh food, and a variety in our diet'. In this way we are less likely to create nutrient deficiencies by providing a broad array of nutrients. A registered natural health practitioner in your area would welcome the opportunity to expand on any of this information with you.