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David Coory's two month experiment

By David Coory

I’ve continually tried to improve my diet over the years (probably to the point of being a fanatic). So I have wondered “Perhaps I can now enjoy optimum health without taking any supplements.” However up to a few months ago I wasn’t prepared to take the risk.

Normally I take one capsule each day of our three Triple Pack products – CAA, Bone Health and CoQ10-Omega3 and also a capsule each of DHEA 7-Keto, Carnitine and one teaspoon of Colostrum. (I also take 2 teaspoons of Colloidal Silver to prevent colds.)

Nevertheless, in February this year (2014) when I took the last capsule from my current bottle of DHEA 7-Keto, I decided in the interests of science, to go entirely without supplements for three months and see if it really is possible to enjoy optimum health with a good NZ diet and without supplements. My daily diet is outlined in the new 9th edition of my Stay Healthy book on pages 248-250 for those who might be interested.

So I started the experiment and for one week I didn’t notice any difference. However the second week things began to unravel. When I awoke in the mornings I no longer had any desire to exercise and I lacked energy. At the same time my appetite increased (perhaps in an effort to obtain nutrients I was no longer getting from the supplements) and I began to gain weight.

Worst of all, my mind and memory started to slow down. It felt like using an old slow computer after being used to a modern one. My mind would get there in the end, but not as quickly as it normally would. Other aging problems also manifested (I’m 68).

My journal entry for Tues 18th Feb 2014 reads: "It is now 2 weeks since I have stopped taking all my normal supplements and I have the following results:"

After week one

  1. Increased appetite
  2. Poor memory recall
  3. Forgetting some daily tasks
  4. No energy for morning exercise
  5. Mild slow down of urination
  6. Libido down about 25%

From week two

  1. Still increased appetite and weight gain
  2. Memory improved but still not normal
  3. Energy improving for morning exercise
  4. Urination almost back to normal
  5. Libido still down about 10%

My journal entry a month later on Wed 19th March 2014 reads: "I seem to be looking older around the eyes and jowls since I have stopped taking my supplements so I began taking DHEA again this morning.”

Taking DHEA 7-Keto appeared to bring my mind back to normal after a week, but I was still down on energy, always hungry and still gaining weight. So early April 2014, after two months of the experiment I decided to forego the third month and began taking all my supplements again.

After a week my energy and desire to exercise had returned to full strength and I felt great again. Still do.

So in summary, the second and third weeks without supplements were the worst. There was an improvement after a month, but certainly not to my normal level of health. The weight gain was a worry, it appears that my body required extra food to try and provide the missing nutrients.

I never stopped taking Colloidal Silver during the experiment as I didn’t want to risk getting a cold and doubted I was getting enough silver from my diet.