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COVID-19 Update

By David Coory

Dear Customers


The supply of natural products for your health and wellbeing is essential. During the lock down we will continue to operate our production facility but at a substantially reduced level and will follow strict on-site access procedures.

To ensure you and our staff’s safety we are also doing the following:

  • We have closed our retail outlet effective 23 March 2020 until further notice.
  • We will be running substantially reduced staff numbers from 26 March 2020 with no more than 5 staff on site at any one time.
  • All our call centre staff and administration staff have isolated themselves at home and calls will be answered by our usual after hours call centre staff (who are operating from home). They may not know as much about our products as our call centre team so please bear with them. We are looking into our own staff answering calls in the future.
  • We will run the minimum level of staff to ensure your products are dispatched and they will be following all ministry of health guidelines re personal protective clothing, hand washing, sanitising and maintaining safe distances.
  • All higher risk staff will remain at their homes. Marie and I have been staying away for a while now and that gives me a chance to work on the new edition of the Stay Healthy book.
  • We will also run a very small production team at our factory (with head to toe protective clothing) and we will focus on the important products for your immunity (Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C and Immunity Support).
  • All contract manufacturing is on hold for the next four weeks so we can focus our attention on these products.

As you will appreciate sourcing ingredients, packaging and deliveries may be challenging and although we will try to maintain our normal high standard of delivery service, at times this may not be possible.

To help us please do the following:

  • Use the website for orders or leave a message on our answerphone.
  • You can phone the call centre but they might be dealing with critical matters
  • Please only order what you need for the next few weeks, stocking up is not necessary and we will be limiting some products

Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time, please take care of yourself and your family. We hope that normal service will return soon.

The Team at Health House and Zealand Health Manufacturing