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CoQ10 study shows dramatic reductions in blood pressure

By Shaun Holt

Previous studies have proven that CoQ10 can substantially reduce blood pressure, and that is one reason that I have been taking this supplement myself every day for several years.

Also, some drugs that are used to reduce cholesterol levels (called statins) can reduce serum levels of CoQ10 by up to 40%, and therefore many doctors and pharmacists recommend a CoQ10 supplement to people who take a statin medication.

Another remarkable finding was recently presented at a large European Cardiology Conference: in a large randomized trial, CoQ10 reduced mortality in patients with moderate to severe heart failure by around a half.

In addition, admissions to hospital in those who took the supplement were dramatically reduced. 100mg of CoQ10, taken three times a day, was the dose used.

The study authors concluded that CoQ10 should..."be considered as part of the maintenance therapy for all patients with chronic heart failure".

Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to provide sufficient pump action to maintain blood flow to meet the needs of the body and 6 to 10% of people over 65 have this problem.

As there are almost no side effects from taking CoQ10, it is strongly recommended that people with a diagnosis of heart failure consider taking this supplement.