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CAA-Multi Mineral and Vitamin quality ingredients

By David Coory

Why it's worth paying a little more for the higher quality ingredients in our CAA-Multi Mineral and Vitamin.

CAA-Multi mineral and vitamin supplement is our top selling health product here at Health House. It’s also the product we receive the most enthusiastic user testimonials from.

That’s because so many health problems are prevented, or heal themselves, when our body is given the minerals or vitamins it needs.

CAA-Multi refined over many years

I developed and refined the CAA-Multi formula over many years of nutrition study. I still study nutrition daily,
in order to continually update New Zealand’s top selling health book ‘Stay Healthy by Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet’.

Important minerals are lacking in our NZ diet

Most New Zealand foods are lacking in important minerals. I see this plainly when I update the food tables in my Stay Healthy book, using “NZ Food and Crop” research figures. The trend is continually downward for some important minerals. Crop soils eventually become exhausted over
the years.

CAA-Multi well priced for a high quality multi

CAA-Multi is well priced for the top-quality ingredients it provides. There are cheaper supermarket multis available, but you get what you pay for.

Our Health House motto is ‘Health products that work’. We never skimp on the quality and effectiveness of our ingredients, even when the ingredient cost is many times higher than less absorbable ingredients. Less expensive multis are formulated overseas, and they can lack important minerals needed by New Zealanders. Also, the absorbability of many of their low-cost ingredients are known to be poor.

Low-priced health insurance

CAA-Multi costs less than $6 a week, and is couriered free to you. True low-priced health Insurance.

Top quality, lacking NZ minerals
found in CAA-Multi

The most important minerals we lack in New Zealand: zinc, iodine, boron, selenium, silica, chromium, magnesium and copper. Vitamin B12 is also deficient in huge numbers of New Zealanders, most often due to weak digestion. Weak digestion is often due to lack of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) in our diet. Vitamin B5 is found in CAA-Multi.

Zinc CAA-Multi contains zinc citrate which is well absorbed (cheaper multis use zinc oxide which is not as well absorbed). Zinc is a seriously lacking mineral and important for supporting our immune system, taste, smell, sex hormones, injury healing, toxin protection, bone density, muscle strength and brain mental clarity and focus.

Iodine CAA-Multi contains New Zealand sea kelp, which also contains numerous trace sea minerals. Iodine is the most lacking mineral in our New Zealand population. It supports male prostate health, healthy nervous system development in newborns, breast health in women, and thyroid and goiter health.

Boron CAA-Multi contains chelated boron, linked to a protein (cheaper multis usually omit boron). Boron
helps support healthy bone density, male prostate health and balanced
sex hormones.

Selenium CAA-Multi contains chelated selenium, linked to a protein (cheaper multis use low amounts of chemical sodium selenate). Half the people in New Zealand are low in this antioxidant mineral. Selenium also supports artery health, mental calmness, helps remove toxins and helps keep airways free.

Silica CAA-Multi contains natural bamboo extract (cheaper multis omit silica). Silica is nature’s beauty mineral. It supports collagen, hair gloss, flexible arteries, healthy bones, skin, teeth, nails and protects our brain from aluminium and mercury.

Chromium CAA-Multi contains chromium polyniconate (cheaper multis use chromic chloride, but polyniconate is far better absorbed). Surveys show chromium lacking in 80% of the population. This vital mineral, which is lost in the refining
of sugar, is required for allowing insulin into our cells. Chromium is therefore important in supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Magnesium CAA-Multi contains magnesium citrate (cheaper multis use poorly absorbed magnesium oxide). Magnesium is a hugely important mineral, deficient in about 75% of the population. It has numerous roles throughout the entire body, especially in energy production and relaxation

Copper CAA-Multi contains organic copper gluconate (cheaper multis use the chemical copper sulphate). Copper helps zinc do its work, supports bone and joint health and supports strong and elastic arteries.

Vitamin B12 CAA-Multi uses expensive methylcobalamin (cheaper multis use the far cheaper, but poorly absorbed cyanocobalamin). B12 tends to be deficient in 80% of older people. B12 helps protect our brain and supports relaxation and the health of our nerves.