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A beautiful complexion

By Denise Elliot

A healthy shining beautiful complexion shows that you have the right level of water intake and are making the right nutritional choices (whether from foods or supplements).

A well-functioning skin lessens the likelihood of infections, cellulitis and problem eliminative disorders, either through the skin and other excretory pathways.

The strength and integrity of each cell membrane is imperative for our skin to age well. By providing internal nutritional support the cell membrane has more chance of retaining the fluids inside our cells, which is what keeps our skin cells wrinkle free.   Ideally water needs to be retained within the cell, however many contributing factors, including cell membrane function and structure means that skin does not retain water so well as we age.

Without adequate water all major organ functions are affected negatively, especially the liver and kidneys which are both vital to skin health. Water helps us detoxify efficiently and also generates energy. If we do not ingest enough water we cannot detoxify correctly through the liver and we will not have vibrant skin.

Increasing water intake is often the naturopathic advice that many people ignore. I suggest to those people that they find a way to like it. It can be as simple as adding lemon juice or a very small bit of fresh juice to the water, or try herbal teas or homemade soup.   Your skin will be grateful, so will your liver, bowels, kidneys, heart, pancreas, hair, nails, blood and a healthy shining beautiful complexion will be your reward.