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Stop Smoking book - Special

60% of smokers quit after reading this book.
60% of smokers quit after reading this book.

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In 1983, Allen Carr was a 50 year old English accountant, smoking 60 to 100 cigarettes a day.

He had smoked heavily for 33 years. Countless times he had tried to give up using the Willpower method but failed. His health was deteriorating fast.

One day, at his wife's insistence, he spent an hour listening to a hypnotherapist but was not hypnotised. When Allen walked out the door afterward, he had no desire to smoke.

He has never smoked since, and in his own words, "suffered no withdrawal pain, gained no weight, and immediately coped better with stress." All the hypnotherapist did Allen says, "was to remove the massive brainwashing" of the so called benefits of smoking.

Allen discovers a 95% cure for smoking

Allen was amazed at what had happened and studied the matter in depth. He then discovered the amazing secret to the whole matter. So he "set out to cure the world of smoking. He reports his method as being 95% successful in one-on-one teaching, and just reading his fascinating book, as being 60% effective. There is no other way to stop smoking that is anywhere near as effective, or as easy.

Let Allen tell you in his own words, how anybody can easily escape from the nightmare of nicotine addiction.

"You don't have to cut down or stop smoking while you are reading the book. There is no shock treatment. I have only good news for you."

"The beautiful truth is that once you understand nicotine addiction, and the true reasons why you smoke, you will stop doing it - just like that."

"It's like awakening from a nightmare, and that's about the size of it."

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