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RealSalt Refill Pouch

Refill your salt shaker with this mineral-rich, pure sea salt sourced from Utah.
Refill your salt shaker with this mineral-rich, pure sea salt sourced from Utah.

737g NZ$24.00ea

This mineral-rich salt is carefully extracted from a pure, salt deposit in Utah, left behind by the evaporation of an ancient, unpolluted Jurassic sea. It is rich in over 50 of the soluble (colloidal) trace minerals required for human health.

The health benefits of unrefined salt

During the refining of regular salt, most of these trace minerals, which our body needs for optimum health, are lost. RealSalt, which is unrefined, still contains all of these lost minerals. Health enthusiasts swear by the benefits of unrefined salt.

Why do we need salt?

In the body, salt is as important to humans as water or air, in fact each of us contains from four to eight ounces of salt. Salt helps maintain the normal volume of blood in the body and also helps keep the correct balance of water in and around the cells and tissues. It is also necessary for the formation and proper function of nerve fibres, which carry impulses to and from the brain, and plays an important part in the digestion of food. It is essential in making the heart beat correctly.

RealSalt also contains natural Iodine that remains in the body far longer than the inorganic Iodine, (which is added to refined table salt).

Is RealSalt different to other Sea Salts?

Yes, RealSalt is different from other Sea Salts and 35,000 chefs in a professional taste test of top gourmet natural salts agreed. RealSalt was deemed the Best of Show and Gold Medal winner by professional chefs of the American Tasting Institute. However, don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to experience the RealSalt difference yourself. Take the RealSalt taste test.

This is the economic RealSalt Refill pouch to easily refill your RealSalt or table shaker.

Save money when you buy the RealSalt Combo

The combo contains both the RealSalt Refill pouch 737g and the RealSalt Shaker (Original) 283g together for maximum savings.

  • Rich in colloidal minerals  
  • Award winning taste  
  • Imported direct from Utah, USA  
  • Unrefined, mineral rich sea salt  
  • Vital for optimum health  

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