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Colostrum book

Read about all the benefits of colostrum.
Read about all the benefits of colostrum.

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You will read about all the following benefits in this interesting book about the health benefits of colostrum. It has been updated, and republished in 2010.

What is colostrum?

When a mother gives birth to her offspring, for the first 48 hours her mammary glands provide youth hormones and disease-fighting antibodies that she has acquired throughout her lifetime. This milk like fluid is called colostrum.

What can colostrum do for you?

Colostrum’s benefits have been proven over and over again in numerous scientific studies. Colostrum ‘kick starts’ the body’s own immune system, with billions of healthy gut microflora, so it can function at full strength on its own.

Colostrum 'kick starts' your body's immune system

Colostrum also transfers millions of antibodies into the gut and bloodstream, protecting against virtually every bacteria and virus known.

Secondly, the youthful growth hormones in colostrum slow down and even reverse the effects of aging in adult humans. Fat is burned more easily, and healthy muscle growth is promoted. Even faulty DNA can be repaired. Insulin sugar uptake is improved. People taking colostrum report the clearing up of stomach ulcers, reflux, allergies, asthma, IBS and other intestinal problems.

More youthful appearance

Regular takers of colostrum report more youthful appearance, restored skin elasticity, age spots disappearing, bone density increased, muscle tone restored, and sexual function improved.

Nerve, skin, bone and joint cartilage can also be regenerated. Fat stores of the body are utilised for calorie burning resulting in body fat melting off with just moderate exercise.

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