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Colloidal Silver Gel 250gm

Colloidal Silver in a clear gel formulation in an economic tub.
Colloidal Silver in a clear gel formulation in an economic tub.

250gm NZ$43.00ea

Apply directly to your skin.

Not to be taken internally. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional

Close after use. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place.

This Colloidal Silver Gel is in a transparent jelly form, so it stays on your skin for much longer than Colloidal Silver Liquid only. You will find it very effective at dealing with skin problems.

It is excellent for dry skin conditions, cuts and scratches, burns and other skin disorders. It is odourless, non-stinging and suitable for the whole family.

This product is in a 250g plastic family sized tub. It is also available in a convenient 100ml soft tube.

  • Effective for dealing with skin problems  
  • Assists with cuts, scratches and burns  
  • Excellent for dry skin conditions  

This product helps with

Colloidal Silver liquid, polymer powder and Treithanolamine.

Gave Colloidal Silver Gel to a friend to try on her son as he had shingles and blisters all over his face. 12 hours after applying, the blisters had dried up and were already healing. It was so good to see them heal so quickly.
Sue, Tauranga