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My skin care regime

By Karen Morris

How we nourish and care for ourselves on a daily basis is paramount to achieving overall good health, including the health of our largest organ – our skin.

I personally maintain a holistic approach to skin care and incorporate much of my skin care into my daily routine. I focus on my overall good health and know the health of my skin will reflect this.

My essentials include a sensible diet with plenty of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and leafy greens, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats while minimising dairy foods and caffeine and avoiding alcohol, processed foods and chemical food additives. An adequate intake of water of around 8 glasses per day (including herbal teas) is also a must for me.

Good quality sleep, fresh air, regular exercise 3-4 times weekly, appropriate sun protection and minimising stress are other key factors I maintain for optimum skin health. I also take care to avoid harsh chemicals in my home environment and use natural alternatives with regard to all cleaning, skin and hair products.

I cleanse and moisturise my skin on a daily basis and exfoliate regularly using a natural bristled brush or gentle exfoliating scrub. I do like to invest in quality natural moisturisers containing natural Vitamin E and nourishing herbs and oils, Health House Turn Back Time Cream being one of my favourites for its normalising, nourishing and hydrating blend of ingredients and beautiful rose scent.   In my experience a healthy and natural approach to skin care makes it enjoyable, cost-effective and rewarding.