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Hemp Seed Oil and Cannabis Oil

By Health House

Sourced from the same plant but two very different products.

There is a lot of confusion about cannabis oil and hemp seed oil. While both products come from the Cannabis sativa plant, that is where the similarities end.

Hemp seed oil is a food, it is high in omega oils and minerals and is very good for you, but it does not (and legally cannot) contain anything more than the barest traces of cannabinoids (less than 0.01%).

Cannabis oil is a medicine and has medicinal benefits. It should have therapeutic levels of cannabinoids. 

While the plant strains used for hemp are not the same as those used for medical cannabis, the main difference is based on the part of the plant that is used.

Female hemp plants are fertilised by male plants and seeds are produced, the hemp oil is extracted from these seeds.

For cannabis oil the plant is not fertilised and no seeds are produced. The ‘unseeded’ flowers are harvested and the cannabinoids are then extracted into oil (or added later), usually coconut or olive oil.

Hemp seed oil will not get you intoxicated, but neither will it provide the specific medicinal benefits of cannabis oil.