Proudly New Zealand Owned

Creams and liquids manufacturing

By Karen Morris

Zealand Health Manufacturing (ZHM) makes the creams and liquid products for Health House using our advanced manufacturing facilities. During the last 12 months the product range and facilities have improved and expanded, with the addition of new machinery such as the Hunter Filler for bottling with improved efficiency and a high quality finish.

Creams and Liquids Manufacturing at ZHM is physically separated into two areas, each with its own climate controlled clean room. Consistent quality is maintained by regular documented product quality checks, air quality testing and sterile swabbing of surfaces.

High quality ingredients are sourced locally whenever feasible and then blended and bottled to the pre-planned requirements of the customer.

Colloidal Silver Liquid generation is a fascinating process using a purpose built, custom designed Colloidal Silver Liquid generating machine. Pure Dew distilled water is used along with silver rods in a food grade generation vessel, shutting off automatically when generation is complete. The liquid is bottled using our automatic non-metallic dispensing system, or sent through to the Creams area for further manufacturing into Colloidal Silver Gel.

Creams and liquids manufactured specifically for Health House include improved Aloe Vera Gel with its fresh almond scented paraben-free preservative, the popular Colloidal Silver Liquid and Gel range, herbal non-alcohol based Throat Spray, soothing Pain-Eze Cream, nutritious rose-scented Turn Back Time Cream, also Salicylic Acid Paste. We also manufacture for other natural health customers.

All products are produced with care and pride, so, it is especially nice to receive all the lovely and positive feedback from customers that regularly comes to our attention.