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Sustain - Veggie + Protein 200g - buy 1 get 1 free

A quick protein boost or that perfect smoothie ingredient.
A quick protein boost or that perfect smoothie ingredient.

200g NZ$35.00ea

Add two scoops to your favourite smoothie, or just mix with 100mls of water for an instant protein boost.

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Always read the label and use only as directed. Weight management products should not replace a balanced diet. Do not give to children. Contains dairy.

On Special while stocks last - September 2018 expiry

After a workout (or even during) it is important to obtain the protein and nutrition needed to build or maintain muscle tone without putting any 'junk' into your body. After a workout or exercise is the most crucial time to give your body the sustenance it needs and to deal with the hunger that naturally occurs after burning calories. We use pure New Zealand whey protein mixed with freeze dried carrot and spinach from Australia.

These are not your typical freeze dried vegetables, using a special refraction process the majority of the nutrients, colour and flavour of the vegetables is maintained.

You can mix a couple of scoops into a 100-200mls of water and have a veggie/protein shot or just add two scoops to your smoothie. This will give you 6 grams of protein and one of your daily servings of vegetables. Along with all this goodness we have also added a small amount of chromium which will help give you that edge with managing your appetite and support balanced blood sugar levels. No more post workout cravings that will negate all the hard work you have put in.

Sustain is the perfect end to a workout. Giving your body the protein it needs along with one serving of vegetables and a pinch of appetite managing chromium.

You work hard to keep your body healthy and additive free - we think your supplements should be the same. The Ultimate Workout Range For Women is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, additives and caffeine.

Each serve equivalent to one serving of vegetables.

  • No Added Colours  
  • No Added Flavours  
  • No Added Sweeteners  
  • No GMO Ingredients  
  • No Caffeine  
  • No preservatives  
  • Pure Australian Veggie Powder  

This product helps with

Ingredients Weight Per Serve (6g)
NZ Protein Powder 100g 3g
Carrot 75g 2.25g
Spinach 25g 750mg
Chromium 1.25mg (active 150mcg) 37mcg (active 4.5mcg)