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Restore your nutrients after exercising.
Restore your nutrients after exercising.

100 Capsules NZ$32.00ea

Take two or three capsules immediately after completing your workout or exercise.

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Always read the label and use only as directed. Weight management products should not replace a balanced diet. Do not give to children.

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When we exercise or work out our body converts minerals and vitamins into energy. The mineral nutrients that are used or sweated out in this process are referred to as electrolytes.

It is important to restore the key minerals (electrolytes) that are used by the body when exercising. Restore contains the key minerals that need replacing along with the key vitamins that help them to be absorbed into your muscles and bones.

Part of the reason we feel hungry after exercising is that the body craves food, but what it is really craving is the minerals and vitamins that have been used. Restore these key components and your body can then get to work on repairing and growing the muscle tone of the body.

Another benefit in replacing these minerals is they will help with post exercise hunger and to help this further, we have included some fennel specifically for appetite management. This combination ensures optimum results from your exercise regime.

You work hard to keep your body healthy and additive free - we think your supplements should be the same. The Ultimate Workout Range For Women is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, additives and caffeine.

  • Contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes  
  • Restores muscle energy  

This product helps with

What's in each capsule Weight Active
Calcium 200mg 68mg
Potassium 200mg 106mg
Natural Salt (Sodium Chloride) 200mg 200mg
Magnesium 200mg 32mg
Fennel Seed 150mg 150mg
NZ Kelp 50mg 100mcg (iodine)
Zinc 6mg 1.86mg
Vitamin K2 5mg 10mcg
Vitamin D3 5mg 12.5mcg (500iu)