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Colostrum Powder 100g - buy 1 get 1 free

Contains millions of immune antibodies to optimise health.
Contains millions of immune antibodies to optimise health.

100 grams NZ$49.00ea

Adults: Mix one scoop (1.5g) into a small glass of milk or water or add to your smoothie/protein drink. For maximum health benefits take twice a day, at least 45 minutes before eating. Children: Half the adult dose. Not recommended for infants.

Always read the label and use only as directed..

How does colostrum work?

Colostrum from cow's birth milk, contains millions of immune antibodies. These antibodies (identical to human antibodies) transfer natural immunity from numerous diseases, to newly born offspring. When one cow's colostrum is mixed with the colostrum of hundreds of other cows, its effectiveness is multiplied.

Anti-aging and muscle growth

Colostrum contains many growth factors (known as IgG, IGF-1, EGF, FGF, TGF, GH, Lactoferrin, etc) which have anti-aging, cell repair and natural weight management qualities. Regular takers of colostrum report that their skin appears more youthful, age spots disappear, they have support for optimum bone density and sexual function and athletic endurance is enhanced. Many body builders maintain that colostrum is the most effective muscle building supplement they have ever used.

Boost the immune system

Cow colostrum is over 10 times richer than human colostrum in antibodies. These antibodies are the same as human antibodies and support the immune system to protect you against thousands of common pathogens. People who take colostrum report they no longer get seasonal ills and chills.

La Belle Colostrum with higher IgG

La Belle is one of the top colostrum suppliers in the world. Their Colostrum comes from Grade "A" dairy herds and La Belle has access to a large portion of all dairy cattle in the U.S.

New Zealand orders only. Due to NZ regulations our Colostrum cannot be exported.

  • Contains millions of immune antibodies  
  • Anti-aging and natural weight management  
  • Maintain youthful skin  
  • Support for optimum bone density  
  • Improved sexual function  
  • Athletic endurance enhanced  

This product helps with

Ingredients Per Dose Total
Colostrum powder (La Belle instantised - bovine) 1500mg100g
Natural sweetener and flavour (stevia and cream) 22.5mg1.5g
Since taking Colostrum Powder I've been feeling so much better! More energy, my tummy is not bloated and dizzy spells are improving.
Valerie, Tauranga