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Frequently asked questions about our products

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I'm normally allergic to Sulphur, will I react to CAA Multi?

The Sulphur in CAA Multi is non-allergenic and is called Biological MSM Sulphur. This is the best dietary Sulphur available and similar to that found in eggs. If a person can eat eggs without reacting to Sulphur they should have no reaction to MSM Sulphur. A non-sulphur CAA is now available.

I have heard that certain minerals work against each other? How does CAA Multi overcome that?

Nearly all foods naturally combine minerals that have been reported to conflict with each other under unnatural conditions. These unnatural conditions commonly arise during laboratory experiments involving human volunteers taking minerals on empty stomachs, or in the form of tablets that do not break up immediately in the stomach. Under these unnatural conditions, minerals travel together in a small clump down the narrow 7 meter length of the small intestine and can compete with each other.

However, when CAA Multi, which is in powdered capsule form, is taken with a meal as recommended, all the minerals are dispersed evenly among the large bulk of food in the stomach, due to natural stomach churning, just as nature intended. The minerals are then extracted gradually, one by one over several hours, by the millions of hair-like receptors called villi, along the huge seven meter length of our small intestine which has the surface area the size of a tennis court.

As regards stomach acid, a properly functioning stomach is guided by a pH regulator and should provide all the acid needed to process the food provided for digestion.

What are the ingredients and how much of each ingredient is in CAA Multi?

We provide a pamphlet free of charge that lists all the ingredients in the Triple Pack which includes CAA and you can also view a copy of the label which lists them as well.

Why is there no Calcium in CAA Multi?

It is not possible to add useful amounts of Calcium to CAA Multi because of the sheer bulk required. Calcium is such a bulky mineral that the daily requirement of Calcium would fill the 1000 mg capsule alone. We provide a high quality Calcium supplement in addition to CAA Multi. This is Coral Calcium, the most absorbable natural Calcium available. The supplement is called Bone Health. Coral Calcium comes from above-sea coral beds on the island of Okinawa, Japan. This form of Calcium is highly absorbable (it even mostly dissolves in tap water) and is full of valuable sea minerals.

Can I take CAA Multi or the Triple Pack if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can.
It is even more important to take CAA Multi while attempting to become pregnant, so as to have all required trace minerals during first two weeks following conception. This is when the foundation of a healthy child is laid down. By the time you discover you are pregnant it can be too late.

Where are your products made?

We have built a new factory in 2014 to ensure we have complete control over quality of the manufacture of our products (Zealand Health Manufacturing Limited). All products (except a few such as RealSalt and Tanita Scales) are made in the temperature and humidity controlled clean rooms of our factory. The factory has an onsite Quality Manager and we are audited and certified to New Zealand Food Safety standards every year. We have a great team of experienced staff and an on-site manufacturing herbalist and utlilise the top industry specialists in our R & D activities.

Do your fish oils contain any mercury?

The analysis certificate that comes with our CoQ10-Omega3 salmon oil, uses a detection method which measures as low as one part per million. The level of mecury (if any) was guaranteed less than that. Due to a customer enquiry we sent both our fish oils to a respected New Zealand laboratory and they further tested and the test results were to a level less than one part per 100 million (0.01 mg/kg).

The NZ Food Safety Authority also confirms "Fish oil products and supplements are not a major source of mercury in the diet and there is no recommendation to re-strict intake."

There does appear to be low levels of mercury in our environment, but you can be confident that our Omega 3 fish oil and our CoQ10-Omega3 are at the lowest levels possible.

Where can I get Percy Weston's book "Cancer: Cause and Cure"?

This book is unfortunately out of print and our stocks ran out many years ago. You may be able to find it in second hand book shops or on We do have a couple of copies that we lend out, so if all else fails, send us an email.

Are the minerals and vitamins in CAA Multi natural?

The two bulk minerals in CAA Multi are in natural Chloride and Citrate forms which are the richest sources of these minerals. The others minerals are chelated (bound with absorbable proteins sugars or amino acids) or pure organic.

The vitamins in CAA Multi are natural, apart from a few of the B vitamins which are synthetic (and only available in this form). They are however 100% identical in make up and effectiveness to the same vitamins found in our food, or manufactured by our body.

Cost is never a factor in selecting the ingredients for CAA Multi . We have in every instance used the best and most concentrated and most net absorbable form of every mineral and vitamin. We constantly monitor the latest nutrition research and whenever we feel we can improve on the formulation of CAA Multi we do so.

What are the causes of a low pH and how can I raise it?

If your Saliva Test reads consistently below pH 6.8 it is a reliable sign that your immunity is below normal. In other words, your body cells are lower in oxygen than desirable, and therefore have less resistance to serious health disorders.
A low pH can be caused by three things:

1. Taking a prescribed statin drug, such as Lipex or Lipitor. Other pharmaceutical drugs and weight loss preparations can have similar effects.

2. Not enough calcium. This is caused by lack of high calcium foods in your diet, and/or excess high protein foods, especially processed meats like hamburger and sausage. These meats are high in added phosphorus which hinders the uptake of calcium.

3. High sugar foods, and excess coffee, both of which are highly acid forming.

Download a free booklet on Is your pH Healthy?.

A healthy diet of alkanising food and a daily calcium capsule of Bone Health is your best defence against a low pH.

What are the specific antioxidants in CAA Multi?

The specific antioxidants in CAA Multi are Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and those found in the Citrus Bioflavonoids.

How safe is Colloidal Silver?

It is very well tolerated and to our knowledge does not interact with any medical drug. It is suitable for the whole family when used as directed.

The only report cases of problems relate to Argyria which is a name for a silver reaction that can give a blue tinge to the skin under the nails and eyes. We are only aware of two cases a Rosemary Jacobs, and a Stan Jones.

Evidently Rosemary's condition was caused by a Silver Nitrate nasal spray prescribed by her doctor, not by Colloidal Silver. Silver Nitrate has a large silver content (sometimes up to 50% silver) compared to collodial silver which has a silver content of 10 parts per million (0.001%).

Stan Jones would generate an 8 oz glassful of his homemade Colloidal Silver every day. He was making it incorrectly using tap water and salt which produces a very high ppm Silver Chloride. He drank this solution daily for 8 years before noticing his skin discolouration. Under these conditions it is not Colloidal Silver that is being made, but a silver compound whereby the silver has reacted with the minerals in the water, depending on what these minerals are. Silver Chloride is one possibility, or Silver Calcite, or a Silver Magnesium compound.

We recommend only taking Colloidal Silver made from only distilled water, using pure silver rods, with no additives. The benefits of this product do not require excessive consumption and only small amounts are required.

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